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Free Resources to Stop Pain & Stay Consistent

Beat the Pain- Best Practice Checklist

Everyone's pain is different, but no matter what the cause of your pain there are certain things you should be doing to give yourself the best chance of recovery. Make sure you are following these 11 evidence based practices.


Massage Ball 101

Give yourself the relief you need. Release all the major knots in the body using nothing but a couple tennis balls. Download the complete, 30-page guide to treating muscle pain on your own for free.


Make Yoga A Habit

Tired of beating yourself up for skipping practice? Want to stay consistent but can't seem to find the motivation? The ancient Stoics had a lot to say on habits and personal responsibility. More than anything else, their practical wisdom has helped me make yoga a habit. If it worked for me anybody can do it.


Yoga of Weight Loss

This free course guides you step by step through making a personalized weight loss plan. If you follow through it would be physically impossible to not see results. There's no magic solution weight loss solution, but at the very least it need to be mysterious.


Just Make It Stop

Free course to stop back pain and get to sleep.

Nothing in life is enjoyable if you're not well rested and constantly worried about avoiding back pain.  If you're tired of feeling old and decrepit, learn how to stop muscle pain fast. You don't even need to get out of bed.


Do-It-Yourself Courses


Myofascial Release Library

Achy back? Pain in the hip? Step by step instruction to release painful knots in every single part of the body, top to bottom with a tennis ball. These are the same myofascial trigger point techniques I use as massage therapist to help my clients release tight knots and stop muscle pain fast.


Zero Pain - Mobility for Beginners

It's never too late to develop a strong, pain free body. This course is designed to guide you through progressively more challenging strength and flexibility training so you can enjoy an active pain free life.


Stay Consistent

Still struggling with arm balances and backbends? This course will take you from a beginner to advanced-intermediate skill level before you know it. If you're preparing for a yoga teacher training or want to advance your practice, this curriculum will guide you step by step into your strongest practice ever.


Ask a yoga teacher

Answers to all your your questions regarding health, wellness and yoga.

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I'm Nick Williams

I'm a professionally certified yoga teacher (E-RYT 500), massage therapist (CMT) and personal trainer (CPT) with over a decade of experience in wellness and fitness education. I specializes in helping ordinary men and women use yoga as a tool to resolve musculoskeletal pain so they can get back to having extraordinary adventures.


"I've been having hip pain when I walk for what seems like forever and it's GONE!. Nick is highly knowledgable. If you have pain go see him."

- Sarah

"I've been practicing the Asana Accelerator course. Nick's instructions are as easy to follow as an in person class. I highly recommend him for beginners and students trying to fine tune their practice"

- Grace

"Working with Nick I was able to regain full mobility of my shoulder and have eliminated the persistent shoulder and back pain. I'm able to swim again and feel the best I have in years"


My doctor put me in the top 1% of recovery after my knee replacement. Working with Nick helped my get my life back. - Barbara


I had sever peripheral neuropathy. Working with Nick I was able to regain feeling in my feet and full range of motion in my shoulder. -Doug


I have three boys. I want to be able to keep up with them and be around for them. -Tabh


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