Just Make It Stop

Stop back pain and get back to sleep.

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Just Make It Stop - Free Mini Course

Just Make It Stop is for people who are tired of losing sleep to back pain. If you're always tired and worrying if bending over is going to throw out your back this is the minimum you need to do.

Three easy to follow lessons

Massage Ball 101


  • 40 Minute guided video practice.
  • 30 Page pdf manual with photos

When you can't accurately identify the source of your muscle pain, the best solution is to address all the major knots in the body, even the one's you might be unaware of.

Systematically release all the major muscles with nothing but a tennis ball and get at the root of chronic back pain.

Fix Back Pain From Bed


  • 20 Minute guided video practice
  • Pdf cheat sheet for the sequence

I always emphasize active stretching - engaging the muscles through the stretch. Not only does active stretching improve flexibility, but it strengthens the muscles and that has been demonstrated to eliminate pain. When you work within your limits and maintain a consistent practice you'll find that you can build strength without injuring yourself.

Breathing Meditation For Sleep


  • 20 Minute guided video practice
  • Tips for how to improve sleep and recovery

Using the breath as a bridge to the subconscious, you can ‘trick’ your autonomic nervous system into preparing for sleep. When you have the right tools, ‘getting enough sleep’ is not as difficult as it might sound. It’s just a matter of training your brain to do what you want with the right habits.


Working with Nick I was able to regain full mobility of my shoulder and have eliminated the persistent shoulder and back pain. I'm able to swim again and feel the best I have in years.


I lived with hunched back and shoulders for years. I saw chiropractors and physical therapists but nothing has helped as much as classes with Nick.


The videos gave me flexibility to practice on my own schedule and my own pace. His instructions in the videos were as clear as those in live classes.